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Diary Notes from the Editor. Photo of the editor - Carol Hill
January 2010 - It's been a long time since I updated my diary, that's not to say nothing's happened, on the contrary, so much has happened that it's hard to find time to do updates. It's ten years since this website first hit the internet and it's evolved from a flat mass of information to something that allows the community to interact.

Looking back on my previous entries, the Food and Drink section worked for a while but isn't as popular now, so I think it's time for a re-think on that, but the Business section is very well used, which is good news for our local economy. The forum was a natural progression from the Positively Speaking and Message Board pages and is very popular with 365 members and many more people who simply visit and read. It proved really useful during the recent heavy snow when people were posting updates on local road conditions and school closures.

I didn't get round to charging for adverts. I couldn't bring myself to take the plunge as I was concerned the website would become commercial and we'd lose the community spirit of the site, so it's still entirely free for members of the Warsop community to advertise.

December 2002- Lots of developments since my last entry and the best news is that more of you are writing in and contributing, so I don't feel at all lonely now! Food and Drink is a complete new section which includes recommendations for eating out from you, as well as from me and there's a section on where to get your booze bargains, which I managed to get on before Christmas.

The Articles section is quite a high traffic area now and perhaps encourages the most response from you. New Articles include 'Memories', with several accounts of childhood antics and remembered incidents. These have also generated some response on the Message board and have reunited old friends. 'Where are They Now?' Has been added during the past week and is already proving to be popular. Positively Speaking (PS) - brand new - is a forum area for issues of local interest and action that I've provided by request from several of you. I'll be interested to see how this develops because it could be a valuable resource but it's down to you!

Warsop Web and Warsop & District News are now working more closely together to provide a means of keeping the local community informed and giving opportunities for you to have your say. I have also offered local businesses who already advertise in the paper, a chance to advertise on Warsop Web at a cost of £5. This will be the first time I've charged for anything on the website and I'm not sure that I'm doing the right thing but I think I have to try it because the website is demanding an increasing amount of my time. I haven't quite taken the plunge yet but we'll see how things develop over the next month or so.

Another new addition is a page where you can check out how many people have been to selected areas of the website. I am very pleased to say that Warsop Web's Homepage has had over 10,000 hits since the counter was installed 18 months ago. The amount of people visiting has increased dramatically recently. Thank you to everyone who visits Warsop Web and especially to those of you who contribute.

I would like to get a section on Caravanning up and running, as this is my other hobby. If you would like to start this off with recommendations for caravan sites etc., I will be eternally grateful, especially if you can recommend a weekend retreat for January!

January 2002- Almost a year since my last message! Warsop Web is getting quite a few hits now and I'm glad that I've hung on in there! It's 18 months since I first began writing the website and it is just beginning to gather interest. So, take heart, those of you who are thinking of developing a community website, but be very patient. Some of the pages I've tried, just haven't worked well yet - the property pages still haven't taken off, though I'm not giving in! I still believe that the web is a great place to sell houses - perhaps people just don't believe that they'll get something for nothing! Come on - send it in! It really is FREE
March 2001- It's five months since I launched Warsop Web and it is now listing quite nicely with search engines. It is also beginning to attract interest, although I haven't yet found time to promote the site locally. I've added two more categories to the site, Property and Articles, but the site still lacks contributions from the community, so please send in anything you think might be of interest.

October 1 2000 - When I say 'we' I really mean 'me'. I thought it was about time Warsop had its own presence on the web and decided to go it alone. Although, as manager of a web development team, I felt a little guilty that I was probably in the best position to do something about it and hadn't done. I also teach an evening class in Internet Awareness and my students often asked why Warsop didn't have its own website, that made me feel even more guilty!

So, here it is! Warsop Web. It has been hand coded so that it is accessible to people with disabilities and to people using older technologies.It isn't flashy, it doesn't have fantastic animated graphics and it doesn't sing and dance. This is because it has to be easy to manage and cheap to run. I am doing this in my 'spare time' and from my own pocket, although I'd like to get some sponsorship from local businesses. Nevertheless, I hope you find it pleasant to view and useful as a resource. Most of all, I hope you will get involved with it and send lots of articles about Warsop.

Carol Hill (feeling much less guilty!)

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