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The Richardson Family Remembered - Photograph courtesy of Fezz Lambert

William Richardson (Grandad) worked on the sinking of Welbeck Colliery and moved onto the new Royal Estate in 1904 with his wife Rose Richardson (Grandma). William and Rose went on to have a large family, who enjoyed many happy days growing up on Alexandra Street. This family photo was taken on the allotments at the back of Alexandra Street and shows the Richardson family at the wedding of Dennis and Pat in 1953. Do you recognise anyone?

photo of the Richardson family

Top, left to right, Aunty Ivy, Aunty Lillian, Grandma Richardson, Clarice Marie Lambert (Mum), Aunty Evelyn, ? , Aunty Mildred. Bottom, left to right, Thomas Lambert (dad), Uncle Harold, Aunty Pat, Uncle Dennis and Uncle Cliff.

The Richardson family relinquished their family home down 'The Old Part' in the mid eighties. This information was provided by Arthur William Richardson (Richo) and Dennis (Paddy) Richardson who sadly to say is the only surviving family member of his generation, due to the passing of his older brother Harold Richardson on Saturday 25th January 2003.

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