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Where are they now? - Photograph courtesy of Peter Jones

More photographs of Hetts Lane Infants School sent in by Peter Jones whose Aunt, Mrs Stubbins, was a teacher at the school. Do you recognise anyone? Are you on a photo or is your Mum, Dad, Aunt or Uncle? Look closely!

Please wait for the picture to download...... Hetts Lane Class 2 - 1932

Hetts Lane pupils 1932

K Hall S Harrison ? Smith ?? D Davey ? Morris V Nicholas
Mrs Stubbins
?? E Blower ?White N Squires G Simmons H Desforges ??
(Nee Caunt)
? Wilkinson C Robinson E Wilkinson K Fletcher A Price ? Sanders D Pearce  
J Jessop
Eileen Wayte

How many still live in Warsop and what are they doing now? Can you fill in any of the question marks? Are you on the photo? Let us know your e.mail address and we can link it to the names so that your old school mates can contact you. E.mail us >>>

Harry Bletcher, living in Canada, recognised himself and e.mailed me .....

19 February 2003 - What memories I bring back when I see the class picture of 1932, I remember a few of the names there but I wish I had them all. My name is Harry Bletcher and I am third from the left on the front row, next to me is J.. Jessop on the front row. D.. Pearce is on the end of the second row and E.. Wilkinson is third from the left on this row. N.. Squires is centre in the third row, K.. Hall and S.. Harrison are on the left in the back row. The teacher is Miss Caunt, Hetts Lane was her first school and she was very nice to everyone.

The next year the Duchess of Portland arranged for 100 children to go to Welbeck Abbey for a one week holiday and I was one of the lucky ones, I think 6 or 8 teachers went with us, including the 'Nit nurse' and we had lessons in the open air, we slept in a dormitory and we got a lot of fresh air, the duchess was with us every day and helped the teachers out. I have never forgotten that week .

I came to Canada in 1957 and I am now retired at Midland in Ontario after a good life in Canada but I always think of Warsop and we have visited family and friends in the the area frequently. Thank you to Peter Jones for the memories, I recognise Miss Moakes and Miss Freeman on the staff of 1943, Miss Moakes was the headmistress at the school, forever I think.!

I do hope someone can remember more names because that is all we have now after 70 years.
A wonderful website - Harry Bletcher

Please wait for the picture to download...... Hetts Lane Staff 1943

Hetts Lane Staff 1943

Hello Carol, I have finally got the photo scanned of the holiday that I had at Welbeck Abbey in 1934, the Duchess of Portland invited a group of children to stay for five days at the abbey and here are 26 kids and the teachers having a popsickle or a lolipop as a treat. I think there were 100 children taken there over one month in the summer time. I remember that we all slept in one long room and the teachers had a screened off area at one end of the room, it was not attached to the abbey but was an outbuilding, maybe the building in the background. We did some lessons each day but in the open air, we had to exercise every day and took walks around the property and we all had good meals.The Duchess was there all the time and may have taken the photo, not many people had a camera in those days. We were taken to the abbey by Baker Brothers bus and returned the same way, a bit of social service work by a local company.

Please wait for the picture to download...... Hetts Lane kids at Welbeck Abbey

Hetts Lane kids at Welbeck Abbey

I had forgotten about this photo until I found it again looking through some things I received after my mother had passed away, on the back it says Welbeck Abbey 1934, I took it to a local photo store to have it cleaned up but they said the emulsion may smear after so many years, it is a post card size.

The people on the photo - back row, Ruth Ball, Miss Hutchinson, ??? ,Miss Osborne, Miss Desforge, Miss Caunt, ??? , Miss Moakes, ???. Kids back row, ???, Kenny Hall, Harry Bletcher in front of Miss Moakes. Middle row, from left, #7 is Rita Smith whose father sold ice cream, I dont remember any one from the front four.

Carol, you can use this photo in any way you want, put it in the Warsop paper, I would like to know more names but I am sure a few of these children are not with us any more, there were three children from the 1932 photo who have died since christmas. I dont know the lady next to Miss Moakes but she reminds me of Miss Daisy Eastwood who collected the rent at Ridgeway Terrace. She is probably a teacher also.

I have to say the website is very good, easy to find anything now, I look at it every week and also the Mansfield website, it is the best way to find out what is happening back home. My email is free for anyone who wants to drop a line to me. Thank you Carol for all you have done for Warsop with this website.

Sadly, Harry's wife e.mailed me to say Harry had passed away and would like to thank all those who contacted Harry after reading this article.

Do these photos bring back memories? Let me know >>>>

You can contact Peter by e.mail - peter.jones34@ntlworld.com

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