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Where are they now?

Derek Edwards sent in some old photographs of the Harvest Festival at Hetts Lane Infants School during the 1950's. Do you recognise anyone? Are you on a photo or is your Mum, Dad, Aunt or Uncle? If you're in your fifties now and went to Hetts Lane School - Look closely!

Please wait for the picture to download...... Hetts Lane Harvest Festival 1954

Photo of Hetts Lane school pupils 1954

What a likely looking lot! I wonder what happened to them? How many still live in Warsop and what are they doing now? If you have any information let us know. Perhaps we can put you in touch with old school mates. E.mail us >>>

Another photo that Derek found and scanned for us! - Hetts Lane Harvest Festival 1954

Photo of Hetts Lane school pupils 1955

My own memories....

I'll bet Mrs Gabitas was the headmistress then! I remember her well but this was a little, er, I mean a lot before my time. Do you remember having to hold up your hanky in morning assembly to prove you had brought one?

Remember the old huts that the first years had lessons in, with the wood burning stove in the middle? That's what you call central heating. My first teacher was Mrs Rogers, I liked her! Things got worse though. In my last year I had Mrs Whittle, who ruled with a rod of steel and whom I upset from the start! We just didn't like each other! She made me stay in at play time for cutting my fringe with a pair of craft scissors and she shouted at me for whispering the answers to Ruth Bower when she got stuck reciting the five times table. She always made me shut up and never let me get a word in!

Well, now here's a story. They say, 'what comes around goes around' and I got the chance to get my own back a couple of years ago when she joined one of my evening classes! OOh, I remembered her well, she hadn't changed a bit in forty years. But I was the teacher now!!!! Mmm! Yet, isn't it funny how things look so different when you're grown up! Perhaps I shouldn't have cut my hair, or tried to cheat a Maths test, or given any back-chat, or done any of those horrid things a know-it-all seven year old, pigtailed girl does!

June Whittle was one of the nicest students I've had the pleasure to teach and I hope I re-payed her a little for all that she taught me. - Thanks June - Carol xxx

Derek admits to being on the next one - do you recognise him?
Please wait for the picture to download...... Hetts Lane Harvest Festival 1955

Hetts Lane 1955

You can contact Derek by e.mail - mondeg69@talktalk.net

Dave Fritchley sent this one - Hetts Lane Harvest Festival 1956

Hetts Lane harvest festival 1956

1-? Turton -2- James Squires 5- Bob Green 6- Richard Rouse 3-Dave Fritchley 4 ? Foster 7---? 8-? 9-Dave Kimberley 10-? 11- ? Dixon 12-Malc Kimberley 21-? 22- Bob Birch 13-? 14- Edwin Tattersall 15-Terry Sleigh 16-? 17? 18-Graham Soames 19-? 20-?23- Marples 24-Norman Squires

I was looking through old photos the other day and came across this picture of Hetts Lane Harvest Festival 1956 , I’ve tried to put names to faces but I’m sure if I have them wrong I’ll be put right. Please accept apologies especially for names I couldn’t remember but its over 50 years ago and I’ve lived away from Warsop for longer than I’ve lived here in East Sussex. 1957 Harvest Festival photo to follow shortly. If anyone wants a copy minus the numbers please email me on dwf21@hotmail.com and I’ll send one along. - Regards Dave Fritchley

Remember Melv Duckmanton? He sent in this photo - Hetts Lane Harvest Festival 1961
Hetts Lane 1961

Sue Tinker, now living in Australia sent in this photo - Hetts Lane 1961, Teacher Mrs Careless

Hetts Lane 1961

Martyn Perry sent this one of his class - Hetts Lane Harvest Festival 1962

Hetts Lane school 1962

Here's one of Sherwood Street School - circa 1968, sent in by Andy Wright.

Sherwood Street School

Do these bring back memories for you? Let me know >>>>

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