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I read with interest about the new parking arrangements at Kings Mill Hospital and feel it necessary to warn people about "EXCEL PARKING" the company that has been chosen to run the car park. I am particularly interested in the claim that offence notices for expired tickets will be revoked if you send evidence of a further valid ticket to cover the time. With my experience of them I find this very hard to believe.

At the beginning of February my wife parked her car in an EXCEL run car park near to where the old Police Station is in Mansfield. On returning home She discovered a notice on her windscreen demanding £40 for not properly displaying her ticket. As She had returned home before finding the notice it was impossible to know if the ticket had actually been disturbed whist She was parked, it was placed on the dashboard. She sent a letter to EXCEL explaining that She had in fact bought a ticket and enclosed the ticket as evidence. EXCEL replied stating that despite the fact She had bought the ticket the £40 fine still stood because it had fell over on the dash board and was not visible to the attendant at the time.

She sent another letter explaining that the date and time that the attendant stated on the notice was within 90 SECONDS of the ticket leaving the machine as per the issue time stated on the ticket, surely this was sufficient evidence that She had bought the ticket. EXCEL were not interested and they again demanded the £40 or threatened to take court action.

My wife sent another letter asking how EXCEL could be certain that the attendant had not made an error as there could have been several tickets on the dashboard She also asked if the attendant was on any form of commission for how many tickets were issued. Considering that the attendant logged the offence within 90 SECONDS of the ticket leaving the machine you would have to suspect that he had stood and watched the ticket being purchased and was very keen!!

EXCEL again demanded the £40 with the threat of court action. A couple more letters came and went then they decided to tell her that they had photographic evidence! Why had they not stated this in the first place and ended the matter? My wife wrote again and asked for a copy of the photograph to give her the peace of mind that She had been properly fined and on receipt of the photographs She would send the money, She even offered to travel to them to see the photographs.

EXCEL wrote back stating that the photographs would be made available in court and that we could still pay the discounted fine of £40 if paid within 7 days. She wrote again asking why EXCEL wanted us to go to court to see the photographs, why couldn't they be shown to avoid going to court ?

The next letter had copies of the photographs enclosed, this was after 5 letters of appeal. She reluctantly posted a cheque for the £40 and was glad it was over….or was it? She had another letter today from EXCEL thanking her for the £40 but demanding a further £20 because the cheque was received outside the 7 days from the issue of the notice. She has written again but doesn't hold out much hope of anything but court action unless She pays the extra £20. That makes it £61.00 for 25 minutes parking with EXCEL PARKING.

At the end of the day, She bought the ticket, EXCEL PARKING know that She bought the ticket but they are having a minimum of £40 from us and now it seems another £20 unless we go to court to try and fight it.

Make no mistake, EXCEL PARKING are a private company with the aim of making money and they have proved to me that they will go to any length to get it. I never did get a reply as to whether their attendants are on a bonus for how many tickets they issue but if I was a betting man …..be warned.

Make sure your ticket is properly stuck to the FRONT windscreen, technically they can fine you if it is stuck to the side windows, read the small print on the ticket!! .

How confident do people feel about Kings Mill's new parking arrangements now? You may as well park on double yellow lines outside the hospital, there's far less chance of the police spotting you than EXCEL PARKINGS profit chasing attendants. - Dave Drury

23/02/03 - SCROOGES - It is a shame that Scrooges are living up to their name! I hear that they're doing really well, opening new stores further afield and what have you, but why can't they re paint the front of the Warsop store? Now I'm not exactly well known for my eye for detail!!, I tried to get a pint at the Dog on Friday, but how can you miss that shop front! it is absolutely mingin. What a welcome to the centre of Warsop!! Come on Nobby, Dave, get it sorted out. - Dave Drury

23/01/03 - Like many of the folk of Warsop, it's nice to see that at long last something is being done to tidy up the face of Warsop. At long last the boarded up shops on Sherwood Street are coming back to life after so many years of the well known sheets of hardboard masking on their fronts. Being a Warsopian all of my 52 years, I've seen a lot of changes to our market town, the last major one being the introduction of a new road that split Warsop apart in the mid seventies. This meant that the old part of Warsop was separated from the main shopping area, which meant many of the older residents who lived their, had to cross this dangerous road.

Wouldn't it be better to put a mini roundabout at the junction of the old Town Hall? This would open up the old part of Warsop bringing it back into the main shopping part of the town. Many of my family lived in the old part of Warsop, in fact my mother was born on Alexandra St, along with eight of my Aunties and Uncles. Many a fine folk were born in those now derelict building shells that where once family homes. They would all turn over in their graves to see the burnt out, drug ridden ghetto that has replaced it. For a long time the council had turned their backs on it. Ok, they are now proposing new alterations but it's long been overdue.

This brings me to a point that I want to make. On travelling by Warsop along the once new road, the only two entry points to the main shopping centre, people are met with boarded up shops. One, being the "Dukeries Bathroom and Kitchen Centre". Surely the council could re-glaze the said shop, the windows were put in by vandals who were running riot through Freddy Woodheads old shop, which was left derelict by the council for years. So come on, dig deep into your pockets and let's see the shop re-glassed. The second entry into Warsop, you are met by two rundown properties on High St, one being the old pet shop (Kirks), the other was once a sweet shop. Both are boarded up and would be a deterrent to what could be new shoppers to our once lovely town of Warsop. - Fezz Lambert

30/12/02 - We have a big problem in Meden Vale as well as in Warsop with the "dog poo alley" along the side of the surgery which the children walk along on their way to school. There are no bins here that are used or that are any use as they are all attached to lamposts and our litterers are often at a lower height to the bins. I get sick of dog poo outside our surgery too. This is the worst form of littering (alongside people who insist on spitting on the pavement) I wheeled through some the other day with my pushchair and it made me sick. No wonder diseases like Tuberculosis are on the increase! - Jenny Sudell

21/12/02 - The Face of Market Warsop Hi, My family and I visited Warsop in July/August and the one thing that we were all upset by was the horrible litter everywhere, especially along the backstreets. Doesn't anyone care about this once beautiful little village? Also, I am always concerned that there are no audible crossing signals near 'The Plough Inn' and the Town Hall where residents of the aged bungalows have to cross the road to the shops. My mother 90yrs and quite a few of her neighbours are of limited sight or blind and have to rely on other people crossing to follow over the very busy roads.

Hoping that someone reads this that can do something about making a 20 pound fine for litter and make safer crossing for the aged. - Regards June Boyer

19/12/02 - Its about time the police started to move on the kids who continually skateboard or bike down high street at an evening, I for one am not prepared to move out of the way any longer and if I hit one so be it, its an accident waiting to happen. The parents of these kids should keep an eye on them, if something happened they would be quick enough to blame the drivers - Wayne Townroe-Shutt

Thanks to Alan and Dave, authors of the following two letters, that we now have the PS section of this website.

8/12/02 - I too live in Warsop born and bred and would like to see more positive action to tidy up our little town. Have you thought about introducing a forum to the web site to discuss local topics and ideas to help us all get something out of living in Warsop and also put something into it. I'm sure it would be beneficial to all with access to the site.

I for one would like to voice my opinion on quite a few subjects that should arise, not just negative side to town life but also the positive. If for instance con men are operating in the area there is no faster way to spread the word of warning than the internet.........

Don't get me wrong I'm no moaning old git with nothing better to do (35 this year) it's just that I feel strongly about certain things and I am proud to live in Warsop as I have done all my life, I would like to see more of a community spirt and maybe this could be introduced by weekly topics chosen by the people for the people of Warsop.

Thanks for taking the time to read to read this e-mail. I would also like to say that Mrs Dori Bonsall should be remembered for all the work she did for the Warsop area. - Alan Hawkins

Thanks Alan, it's nice to know that others feel the same as I do about Warsop.

And the following day I received this......
9/12/02 -
My son, who travels a great deal as part of his job

is of the opinion that Warsop and Mansfield are two of the most disfigured places in the North of England by reason of the amount of litter which is thrown down carelessly. My wife and I decided a year or so ago to go on a litter-picking morning when volunteers were asked for to help clear a section of Warsop.

Five people turned up. As I commented at the time 5 people picked it up after 15,000 people had thrown it down. The situation since then has got worse. Goodness knows what strangers to Warsop think of us on walking through the litter -strewn streets and past the boarded up shops which are also such an eyesore.

Why not, through the Warsop News and this Website, have a concerted effort to try to make the people of Warsop more litter conscious. Youngsters are among the main culprits although they are not set a very good example by the adults. I would imagine that a start could be made by asking every householder to make sure that the front of his or her premises are litter free.

I often wonder why shopkeepers don't do this as a matter of course. Their discarded packaging is what one sees most of scattered about. I would have thought it would be in their own interests to make their own frontages were clean and tidy so as to make each shop a welcoming place to enter. This would at least ensure that the centre of Warsop was kept in an acceptable state. It might also persuade youngsters and others to dispose of their rubbish in more appropriate places than the roads or pavements when they can see that their rubbish is the being thrown into clear streets.

This would leave those parish or council employees whose job it is to try to keep pace with the litter problem to concentrate on the gardens, car parks and boarded-up shop fronts.

I like Warsop. I was born here but I have become very embarrassed of late with the state of the place. I know other people feel the same. What is needed however is a campaign to try to make everybody aware of how bad it looks to be knee-deep in rubbish. We need a vigorous campaign to change ingrained habits so that Warsop can once again be the sort of place that is a pleasure to walk and shop in and I look to you and other organisations to lead such a campaign to this end. - David Fenton
There are many people who are proud to live in Warsop and who are prepared to act positively to improve our small town. If you are interested in similar issues and would like to add positive input please visit the PS Forum >>>>

Send in your letters to be published here on the Website and in the Warsop & District News warsop.web@btinternet.com

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