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... so begins every programme of that fascinating factual documentary narrated by that Dr Who chap with appearances by Matt Lucas and David Walliams.

Little Britain with its larger than life characters must be entertaining as it has returned for several series; which is unusual because I don’t normally find documentaries that entertaining; I much rather prefer the odd comedy programme.

However, the reason I bring this up, is to remind you of the theme for Warsop Carnival 2009, which is Best of British. To that end we have been racking our brains to come up with a variety of entertainment to match that theme. As I write this article there is still over 2 months to go until the carnival and as such there is still lots of confirming to do, so some of the things I describe here might not actually happen but we keep our fingers crossed that they will!

As mentioned in my last article we are experimenting with removing the large expensive arena acts of the past and replacing them with free attractions that you can enjoy. There will still be firm favourites performing in a smaller arena such as Warsop’s very own Tudor Dancers. One of the other attractions will be a Big Top circus provided by Festival Circuses. This is a full size circus Big Top with traditional acts that you can enjoy completely free of charge. There’ll be daring trapeze, amazing juggling, dazzling acrobatics and of course clowns! There will be 2 performances on carnival Saturday and 2 performances on carnival Sunday but with an additional circus skills workshop. ‘Ha ha .. circuses aren’t British!’, I hear somebody cry .. and they’d be exactly right as it is thought they trace their origin to Rome, but I return to that very truthful documentary ‘Little Britain’ which in my opinion is a circus at times - so it fits! (I declare as I fill out the forms to legally change my middle names to Tenuous Link)

As well as this free circus we have also applied for a fly past of the Red Arrows, very definitely British .. we keep our fingers crossed that they can take a little detour to grace us with their presence. There will also be chance to enter your beloved pet pooch in our very own ‘Scruffs’ dog show (see separate details in this month’s paper). There’ll be lots of cute little animals from Sherwood Forest Farm Park to enjoy in pets corner. There will also be opportunity to have a go at various crafts from a spin on a potter’s wheel to stamping your mark on a large grafitti mural that will hopefully be installed on the Carrs one we have planning consent. You can ride free of charge on the Titanic Mega Slide .. a giant inflatable Titanic (the original was owned by British company White Star lines) that has been a favourite feature of Warsop carnival in previous years - only this time it’s free!

The Rotary Club duck race returns again this year and is bigger than ever ... £600 is on offer in prize money! Also returning with a bigger show is the ‘It’s a Knockout’ competition .. get your teams ready! Classic cars, loads of stalls, the fairground will all be returning. There is of course Muzo’s Party in the Park on the Saturday headlined by Eddy and the Hot Rods and the Paul Newbury Battle of the Bands competition on Sunday will be keeping your ear drums vibrating. Not forgetting the parade to kick start the carnival on Sunday and to finish we are hoping that we’ll have a large crowd assembled next to the main (only) arena for a jolly good British sing along to ‘Land of Hope and Glory’. The song words will be printed in the programme so please buy your copy! All in all we hope that we are providing you with lots to see and do, most of which cannot really be spoiled by the weather.

See you on the 4th and 5th July!
Cllr Stuart Moody
Chairman Warsop Carnival Committee

Warsop Allotment & Leisure Gardeners’ Association

Gardening in Warsop since 1898
Affiliated to the National Association of Allotment Gardeners

Enquiries for an allotment can be made at the sales shed on:
• Tuesdays 9.30am to 11.30am
• Saturday 9.30am to 12.00pm

Alternatively phone:
• Alan on 01623 846220 or 07963397117

All correspondence to be addressed to:
• The Secretary Alan Crossan,
5 Lea Road, Warsop, Mansfield, Notts. NG20 0QH

The annual inspections of the allotments will take place from May 16th until May 24th. Please note that obvious neglect of an allotment will be the subject of a 28-day notice to improve.

Thanking you - Alan


I hope I’m wrong but I think we had our summer last Saturday (bank holiday weekend, the first one!).

Me and hubby managed to get loads of gardening done whilst it was nice, extended the veg patch, put the gazebo up, had a barbie (hope its not the only one!) then planned to relax on the Monday and all it did was rain and be cold and windy. Took gazebo down!

Don’t you just love our varied weather!!!!

It’s that time of year for our Meden students to be studying hard for exams and I would like to take this
opportunity to wish you all – GOOD LUCK!

A load of us will have walked again for the 3 Parishes Sponsored walk, see separate article. Let’s just hope the weather gets better soon and we can get outside and enjoy!

See you all next month.

Tania x

Your Garden in June
Yes, vegetable gardening can sometimes seem like hard work but the rewards are plenty. Not only are your vegetables tastier and fresher but there is the satisfaction of knowing that you have grown them from seed. Vegetable garden tips are useful and welcome no matter how long we have been gardening, there is always so much to learn and remember. Starting vegetable gardens is a topic of its own, here are some timely reminder, hints and tips for the vegetable garden in June.

Early sowings of peas may be ready for harvesting depending upon your location. Gently press the pods to check if the peas have swollen to a size ready for picking and after cropping cut off the top of the plants but leave the roots in the ground to fix nitrogen from the air into the ground. Peas need staking and this can be achieved with pea sticks, netting, or pruned twigs from the garden. Netting
Your Garden in June

is practical but somehow does not look as natural in my opinion as twiggy supports. Maincrop peas can be sown now.

If you have planted early potato tubers they may be ready or almost ready for harvesting. As a guide many are ready when the plants come into flower. When digging them up take care not to damage or skewer your potatoes with your fork. Avoid this by inserting your fork some distance away and lifting the soil carefully. For maincrop potatoes Keep a close and regular check and earth them up as required which should result in 2 inch or 5 cm of shoot showing above ground or the compost in your container. If planting through black plastic check regularly for slugs, the cool damp conditions under the plastic are an ideal home.

Celeriac can be planted out in June. It is many years since I discovered this vegetable and started to grow it regularly. Easy to grow and excellent in soups, a vegetable on its own or mashed into potato. Self blanching celery can be planted out in June. Dig in lots of organic matter into your bed and either plant in blocks or place a strip of plastic around the edge of the block to exclude some light which improves the pale colour and sweetens the blanched stems.

What a great crop Runner Beans and French Beans make for any garden whether grown in the ground or in containers. Sow french and runner beans directly into prepared beds outside. French beans are best sown in traditional rows, 18in (45cm) apart, at 6-9in (15-22cm) spacing. Ideally prepare the planting position by digging in plenty of well rotted manure and / or organic matter. They will need supporting and this can be achieved by tying bamboo canes together to form a wigwam or netting stretched over poles. Bamboo canes are ideal as the plants can be planed inside the wigwam poles rather than outside which makes hoeing easier and lessens the risk of accidentally cutting off one of your precious beans.

Courgettes, marrows and pumpkins can still be sown outdoors in early June. Remember to keep a close check on developing courgettes. Turn your back for a moment and you may have to look up a recipe for using marrows! Encourage good fruit set by hand pollinating. This is easily done by pushing the male flowers which you can identify by the lack of swollen stem or young fruit behind the petals lightly into the female flowers.

Especially in warm summers we need a regular supply of salad crops. To ensure this regular supply continue successional sowing of salad crops such as beetroot, Chinese cabbage, pak choi and radish, to ensure an even supply over the season. In hot weather, leafy salad crops may do better when sown in partially shady sites. Hot dry weather can lead to bitter tasting leaves.

More varieties are being introduced that are suitable for picking as young leaves, many as cut and come again. Consider Mizuna, Purslane, Greek Cress and Spinach. This also includes unlikely candidates such as beetroot but the young leaves are delicious and colourful in salads. Beware; the leaves also bleed red just like the root!

Happy Gardening

Golden Wedding Celebrations

Eric & Beryl Jackson would like to thank Glenn, Sheila, Warren, Melissa and all 70 friends and neighbours who made their Golden Wedding Anniversary on the 2nd May 2009 such a wonderful and memorable occasion. Also special thanks to Julie and all the staff at South Forest, Edwinstowe. Donations were received in lieu of gifts for the “John Eastwood Hospice” and “Alzheimer’s Society”.
Total in all was £750. Thank you so much to everyone.

On April 4th, Freda and Brian Marples celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary in New Zealand at the home of daughter Toni and David Dumelow. Friends from England and New Zealand helped make the party a success. Among those attending were Roy and Janice (Rhodes) Etches, both born and educated in Warsop, now living in New Zealand. Twenty four guests were present and a gift of “behind the scenes” at Auckland Zoo saw Freda and Brian handfeeding giraffes, hippo, rhino and lions.On returning home, family members presented garden plants, lamps, furniture, plus cutlery, flowers, wine and a rose-decorated cake.

Golden Wedding Celebrations
Bird Notes...

Half way through the year and with any luck the strong, westerly winds that have been blowing for what seems like the last three months will have eased off and hopefully we will all be enjoying a beautiful English summer.

It has been nice watching the swifts return to their breeding sites, their utter mastery of the air never fails to impress me and if you can take a few minutes to observe them, you may be lucky enough to see one entering its nesting site-a hole under the eaves of houses is the norm in Warsop. Although in wilder parts they usually nest in suitable cracks or something similar in cliffs, holes in trees have also been known to be used.

Bird Notes...

If you want to attract nesting swifts to use your house, there is a design of nest box that suits them, the plans of which can easily be found online. Sited on the house in a place where the swifts can have easy access to them, a small number of boxes should have the required effect-swifts seem to enjoy nesting near to one another and hopefully it will be the start of a new colony. Hopefully.

By now the mute swans on the Carrs should have hatched out their young in their nest behind the reeds and the formidable male of the pair will be doing his security patrols around the Mill Dam with renewed vigour-so try to keep your dogs away from the water or at least on a lead when you’re near these very powerful birds-because if he feels too threatened, he will attack!

The noisy ever-busy rookery that exists around the Carrs will have turned out loads of young rooks, who together with their parents, will be now spreading out into the surrounding fields and parks to fill up on insects they glean from the floor. Often they are accompanied by jackdaws, they can be told from the rooks by the fact that they are smaller, have a silvery sheen on the back of their necks and if you are close enough to them you will notice that they have the most amazing bright, pale blue eyes. The adult rooks of course can be told by their long, off whitish, dagger shaped bills. Their young have a dark bill that lightens in colour as they attain maturity.

All the ducks on the dam should also have their babies swimming around with them; and in fact some ducklings will probably already have become independent of their parents, by the time you read this. I know it is a pleasant way of spending time with the children or grand children, but feeding the ducks with bread on the dam is not to be recommended at the moment, as the rat population seems to be the main beneficiary of these acts of apparent kindness-a shame I know, but there are a lot of rats in the area. A quiet walk down the river’s edge, even in broad daylight, will show up two or three!

But let’s not be too negative, because, no doubt it will be glorious on the Carrs and I can heartily recommend a walk around this lovely area, and if you are really lucky you may see a kingfisher or two, perching on an overhanging branch. And if you are really, really lucky you may even see them feeding their young. Best of luck to you in seeing them, (and to them and all the other birds and different wildlife who are attempting to bring up young this summer.)

Have a good one - Barrie Avison

Warsop Footpath & Countryside Group

Dog mess and fly tipping are the two main problems we encounter when mowing Warsop’s footpaths. You can imagine how pleasant the job of cleaning our rotary mowers can be after cutting a path frequented by inconsiderate dog owners!

Also, we have recently paid a large repair bill after a mower struck a piece of metal dumped in nettles alongside a path. We are committed to keeping all of Warsop’s public footpaths accessible but we may have to consider stopping mowing in a couple of areas if the situation does not improve. Most dog owners now clean up after their pets so it would be unfortunate if a small minority made our paths less accessible for everybody.

The wet weather of the last two summers has allowed the white flowering meadowsweet growing on the damp parts of the Carrs Local Nature Reserve to extend across a much larger area. It will be interesting to see how it responds to whatever weather we will be enjoying (or enduring) this year!

The Public Inquiry into the claim for a new footpath between Cuckney Hill and Wood Lane was cancelled after Welbeck Estate withdrew their objection. The Inspector still has to make a decision based on the evidence submitted but we are optimistic that the new route should soon be confirmed.

Have you seen any hedgehogs or other rare wildlife lately? If so, your record is needed! The Nottinghamshire Biological & Geological Record Centre (NGBRC) is currently seeking new and up-to-date records of endangered and protected species within the county. Your record could prove vital in conservation efforts to protect these animals. Maybe you have a hedgehog in your garden, a badger sett nearby, toads in your pond, bats in your roof or maybe you are a keen walker and have seen something around Nottinghamshire. Whatever you have seen, they would like to hear from you, particularly if you have come across any of the following species: Hedgehogs, Badgers, Amphibians (especially Great Crested Newts and Natterjack Toads), Bats, Reptiles (such as Common Lizards, Slow Worms and Grass Snakes etc), Otters, Crayfish (Fresh Water Crayfish and the Alien American Species) and Dormice. If you can help, please contact Rob or Pete at the NBGRC on 0115 9153909 (or email: nbgrc@ncmg.org.uk) with details of what species did you saw, where you saw it and the date and time.

Some people seem to be feeling adverse effects due to the large area of oilseed rape that extends almost continuously from Meden Vale to Warsop Vale. If you feel inclined to avoid places where this crop is growing I can recommend the many excellent woodland walks around the edges of Warsop parish. However, if you are planning a walk in Birklands on the weekend of June 13th and 14th, think again as the footpaths between Warsop Windmill and Gleadthorpe are closed because of the Dukeries car rally!

The next Footpaths Group weekend walk is on Saturday 20th June and we plan to walk from Hayfield in Derbyshire. We will meet outside Warsop library at the earlier time of 8:30am, get in touch on the number below if you would like to join us.

You can contact the Secretary on 01623 846281
WF&CG is a community group whose members share an interest in the countryside. We maintain the public footpath network in Warsop, we undertake conservation projects and we provide information about the local environment.

FREE In Step Walks

Short walks around the Mansfield area and surrounding district all year round, led by trained volunteers, a fun way to improve your health and make new friends.

June 2009 - all walks start at 10am

Date Venue Grade

Mon 1st Teversal Trail moderate
Thu 4th Vicar Water easy/moderate
Sun 7th Quarry Lane easy
Mon 8th King’s Mill Reservoir easy
Thu 11th Poulter Park moderate
Sun 14th Thieves’ Wood easy
Mon 15th Shirebrook Woods moderate
Thu 18th Rowthorne Walk moderate
Sun 21st Cuckney moderate
Mon 22nd Spa Ponds easy
Thu 25th Hardwick Hall strenuous
Sun 28th Maun Valley Park easy
Mon 29th Woodhouse Trail easy/moderate

For more information telephone:
07951 968366 for the Sunday walks
07951 945407 for the Monday walks
07951 968437 for the Thursday walks

FREE Weekly Health Walks
Rufford Country Park conducts a weekly health walk every Monday afternoon (Except Bank Holidays) starting at 2pm.

We meet in the Craft Centre Courtyard at the Abbey end of the park. The walks are FREE, open to all, last about an hour at a fairly gentle pace in the varied scenery of Rufford. The walk is followed by tea/coffee and biscuits (small donation appreciated). For further information please contact Steve at Rufford rangers on 01623 821335 or email steve.koefoed @nottscc.gov.uk

Sherwood Foragers Walks

Healthy Walking Every Wednesday Morning starting at 10.00am.
We are a friendly group aimed at encouraging people to get walking. All walks are lead by Trained Volunteer leaders, on a variety of routes from each of our two meeting points.

Vicar Water Country Park
Meeting at Vicar Water Country Park,
Mansfield Road, Clipstone.
• June 10th, 24th • July 8th, 22nd
• August 5th, 19th • September 2nd, 16th, 30th

The Sherwood Forest Farm Park
Meeting at Sherwood Forest Farm Park
Off the B6035 at Kings Clipstone.
• June 3rd, 17th • July 1st, 15th, 29th
• August 12th, 26th • September 9th, 23rd

More details telephone 01623 824754

Lucky Dip to Boost Church Funds
Watercolour artist, Matthew Palmer, over the last few years has given up his time to support the church of St Peter & St Paul Warsop. He has given demonstrations of watercolour painting with an exhibition of his work twice a year. These evenings are well attended by both his students and interested members of the public. In his last demonstration on April 17th he completed a painting of the area around Tissington.

Matthew generously donates the painting to the church. In a change from the auction usually undertaken to raise funds from the painting we held a lucky dip with all participants donating money to the church to have their name included. This has been a very popular move as many people would like to own a Mathew Palmer painting but cannot afford the true cost of such a work of art. Additionally, members of his art classes who were unable to make the evening demonstration were able to apply through donations to be included in the lucky dip. The selection of the winner was undertaken on Wednesday 6th May by the rector, the

Lucky Dip to Boost Church Funds
Reverend Kathryn Herrod and witnessed by approximately 30 people who had attended a cookery evening in the parish centre. The winner of the painting is Mrs. Pat Lees, who was presented with her prize at her afternoon watercolour class on Monday 11th May.

Matthew teaches approximately 150 students at Warsop, Langwith, Mansfield and Sutton at weekly watercolour classes. He can be contacted on 01623 742567.

Warsop Inner Wheel
President Lynne Goff welcomed 25 members and 2 Guests, Leo and Malcolm Leader to our meeting on Wednesday 6th May 2009 at the Hostess Restaurant, Sookholme. 15 apologies were received. President Lynne opened the meeting by welcoming our guest speakers for tonight, Leo and Malcolm Leader. They brought with them “Leo’s Box” which contained a variety of objects and treasures from the beginning of the century, some even earlier, that we had to guess the original use of!! If anyone is old enough to remember “What’s my Line” it was a bit on a similar scale. Leo was quite a comedian and gave us an evening of entertainment, laughter as well as learning the odd bit about unusual antique objects! The vote of thanks was given by Jean Nock.

President Lynne and 13 members had attended the Inner Wheel Conference at Belfast from 19th-23rd May; Lynne reported what a good conference it had been and gave details of events and speakers to the rest of the club members.

Jean Nock gave the secretary’s report and informed every one of forthcoming diary dates. Jean had also received a letter from the British Legion asking for support for local troops in Afghanistan, they are sending “comfort boxes” to troops, and we agreed to support this with a donation of £100. We had also received a letter from a local young man, Nathan Brown who attends Meden school, Nathan is trying to raise money to help the Joshua Foundation which is a charity hoping to change the lives of terminally ill children. We agreed to support Nathan with a donation of £50. Judy Elliott gave the treasurers report in Anne Benison’s absence. Sue Lunn gave the overseas report; many goods were taken to the Police Aid Convoy warehouse again including; joy bags, baby bungles, blankets, bedding, knitted jumpers for babies and children, soft toys and two sewing machines.

Sue has also arranged for a Knitters Tea to be held at Oakland’s Centre on 15th May 2009 as a thank you to our “knitting helpers” We are always looking for knitting helpers – can you help? With money raised for the Overseas Charities it was agreed to send £150 to the Child Health Advocacy International on Sue’s recommendation. Christine Fretwell gave the charity report in Anne Lyon’s absence. Our next fundraising event, and the last in Lynne’s presidential year, will be a “Posh Picnic” in June to be held at Ompton, tickets only, and entertainment with Dawn Sherwood.

Arrangements are going ahead for the Warsop Carnival 5th July 2009, and our refreshment marquee; we look forward to seeing many of our supporters then.

Meeting closed at 10pm.
For any information about Inner Wheel visit our website: www.warsopinnerwheel.co.uk
Sue Pasierb - Club Correspondent

Warsop Wives Group
On April 14th members met at the Parish Centre and played table games.

On April 28th we welcomed two local District Nurses, Ros and Deb, to our meeting. They talked about all the work they do in their very busy days. Members could have their blood pressure checked and Ros and Deb answered various questions. Some members are taking part in the Three Parishes Walk in aid of our charity fund. Other members will be sponsoring.

Tickets were also distributed for our band concert by Shirebrook Junior Band at the Tudor Barn on Wednesday June 10th starting at 7 pm, admission £2.50 including refreshments. Please support this event – you will enjoy it!

Future meetings are:
• Wednesday June 10th, band concert.
• Friday June 19th, table top sale at the home of Ann Blackamore
– look out for posters, starts early, various stalls.
• Tuesday June 23rd, talk about Yeoman Park School.

Warsop Men’s Probus
A meeting of the Warsop Men’s Probus Club was held on Wednesday 15th April 2009 Mr Brian Bennett the President introduced the Speaker Mr John Kerr a local councillor who gave a presentation on local politics.

John gave us a resume of the Local Area Agreement, set up by Hazel Blears, which is a statutory agreement, putting out to Parish and District Councils a formal paper to determine priorities for discussion. Members were asked to complete a questionnaire giving three things which in their view would promote a better future for Warsop. Answers to be included in the Community plan. 28 members and guests sat down to lunch, after the break, Grace being said by Mr. Eric Simpson.

A meeting took place in the Fitzherbert Room at the Parish Centre on Wednesday 29th of April, of the members of the Warsop Men’s Probus Club. The Speaker on this occasion was Mr. Andre Camilleri an Independent Councillor on Mansfield District Council who holds the Portfolio on Public Protection, Andre’s theme for his presentation was, “Now is the time for change in the way parliament and the Government is run” i.e. directly elected P.M. a parliament with a maximum of two years and two terms only, and other relevant issues that he brought up, putting his ideas forward in an informative way, admitting that change would be very hard to achieve. 28 members and guests sat down to lunch after the break, following Grace said by Mr. Eric Simpson.
Warsop Hospice Support Group
At the beginning of May we had a wonderful, interesting and successful evening with a floral art display given by Mavis Allin, the finished results were amazing and colourful and were donated by Mavis to our raffle. Together with a competition “Guess the weight of the Cake” won by Pam Wilson and other donated raffle prizes enabled us to raise £360 for hospice funds. Refreshments were served by the group’s committee members. We wish to thank everyone for their support in our fund raising efforts. Our next event will be on 28th July and posters will be out later.
We’re Backing Barry!

Mansfield district’s very own Superhero, Street Sweeper Barry Snowdon is hoping to clean up at a prestigious national awards ceremony!

Barry has been shortlisted in the Bravery category of the national Council Worker of the Year Awards after he narrowly averted a potential disaster.

Last summer, the Mansfield District Council worker was carrying out his normal rounds in Warsop when he saw a private highways truck containing high-pressure gas bottles and other highly flammable items on fire only yards away from the BP petrol station on Sherwood Street in Warsop.

We’re Backing Barry!
Whilst others were in a state of panic, quick-witted Barry ran to the rescue, grabbed a fire extinguisher from the garage forecourt and successfully fought the flames single-handedly, sustaining burns to his arms in the process. Given the cargo of the vehicle and with the petrol station so close, it’s thought that Barry’s actions could have averted a major disaster and saved lives! At the time, modest Barry said: “I could see the lorry was in danger of exploding and just did what anyone would have done – my instincts were to get the fire out as quickly as possible.”

And this was not the first time Barry’s heroics have landed him in the spotlight; in March 2007, Barry chased and caught a handbag thief, holding the robber down until the police arrived. The handbag was returned to its grateful owner and the thief’s ‘brush’ with Barry ended in arrest and landed him with a three-month prison sentence. Martyn Thurman, Head of Operations at Mansfield District Council, is supporting the ‘Backing Barry’ campaign: “Barry really is an asset to our district. Not only does he keep the streets of Warsop clean, he also helps keep them safe. In putting out the fire on the highways tanker last summer, he gave no thought to his personal safety and averted a catastrophe which could have cost lives. I would encourage everyone in the district of Mansfield to unite and vote for Barry in this campaign
– he really deserves this award!”

You can vote for Barry by text message: simply text LGATV 9 Barry S to 80039. All text messages are charged at your standard network rate or you can log on to www.mansfield.gov.uk/backbarry,
where as well as a link to the voting site, you can also find out more about Barry and the awards. Voting runs until 2 July.

BBC radio and television presenter, Jeremy Vine, who is hosting the awards ceremony in Harrogate on 2 July, commented: “These awards are fantastic because they show the standards that are being set by people who really understand what public service is.”
Mansfield 103.2 are very kindly Backing Barry too!
The Rotary Club of Warsop
Club Meetings

The Rotary Club of Warsop met on Thursday 23 April at The Hostess Restaurant, Sookholme.

26 members, 1 guest David Buckinger and 2 speakers Emily Sadler and Paolo Orsini were welcomed by Senior Vice President Peter Harvey. Information was passed regarding 2 Rotarians who were ill, Terry Easter and Chris Coleman and the SVP wished them well from the club.

On the sporting front Rtn’s Bill Jackson and Alan Kelly have progressed through to the final of the Men’s pairs snooker in the District 1220 competition. Rtn Graham Goff updated the meeting on the forthcoming Warsop Carnival.

A circus has been booked (no animals) and four shows will be staged plus a workshop. The club are intending to purchase more ducks for the duck race which the club are sponsoring with prize money of £600. One of the speakers, Paolo, spoke of the success he and his family have made in the Italian olive growing business in an area called Monti Sabini North of Rome. The business has flourished for over 100 years and all the olives are handpicked. The family now have a foothold in England and Emily spoke of the marketing of their Monti Sabini olive oil.

President Rob Pasierb chaired the meeting on 7 May 09, 23 members were present and guests were Peter Hopkins, Heather Harvey and David Buckinger.

The speaker was Hannah Harvey who gave a presentation on how she was faring in the collection of money required to send her with Projects Abroad to Ghana for 2 weeks. Senior VP Peter Harvey announced his new job, that of Development Manager at the John Fretwell Sports Complex at Sookholme. The previous week the club were informed of the death of ex Rotarian Don Crosby former shopkeeper of Crosby’s Corner at Mansfield Woodhouse. Richard Goad informed the club that he had visited Rtn Terry Easter who is ill and the same applied to Rtn Steve Garner who visited Rtn Chris Coleman who is also off work ill. They were again wished well by the club President. Rtn Cliff Elliott announced he had been in contact with Zofingen Switzerland whose members were looking forward to Warsop members visiting them in late May for 4 days.

A cheque for £250 was handed over to Peter Hopkins on behalf of the Royal British Legion Warsop, Meden Vale and District who are organising a community effort for making ‘comfort boxes’ which are boxes containing small items to send to LOCAL British troops in Afghanistan. The RBL have been promised money from various groups and the cheque will enable them to create another 50 boxes to add to the 40 already ready to go. The target is 200. Should anyone wish to donate any monies or have any small items to send to your LOCAL troops please contact any member of the Royal British Legion from the Warsop area.

Steve Garner

Sheriff of Nottingham Meets the “Thyng”!
The Thyng from another world – or at least Sherwood Forest’s amazing past – is back in the headlines!

Last year the Forestry Commission revealed that the Friends of Thynghowe had discovered an ancient meeting place - called Thynghowe – on its Sherwood estate in the Birklands, near Warsop, Nottinghamshire, dating back to at
least Viking times.

Since then rangers and volunteers have stepped up efforts to unravel the mound’s secrets. The site has also been proposed for scheduling as a protected monument.
Sheriff of Nottingham Meets the “Thyng”!

A three mile waymarked walk – called the Thynghowe Trail - was opened by the Sheriff of Nottingham, Councillor Brian Grocock, on Saturday 25 April.

Passing through a wide range of woodland habitats, it offers a chance to walk in the footsteps of the ancients and find out about the remarkable past of this area, including the hill of Thynghowe.

Ranger Andrew Norman, from the Forestry Commission, explained, “It’s a miracle that

Thynghowe has re-emerged from the shadows, but also a reward for the hard work of local historians who found it on an 1816 document describing a walk around the Lordship of Warsop, which was the old way of re-establishing parish boundaries. Ramblers can retrace the walk and pay homage to this wonderful past.”

English Heritage believe Thynghowe is one of only a handful of such sites known in the British Isles and was a landmark where people came together to resolve disputes during the Dark Ages. It may also have marked a tribal boundary between Mercia and Northumberland.

A leaflet describing the Thynghowe Trail is available from Warsop Library and Town Hall.

Members of The Friends of Thynghowe and walkers participating in the annual boundary walk celebrate the official opening of the Thynghowe Trail by the Sheriff of Nottingham, Councillor Brian Grocock, on Saturday 25 April at Gleadthorpe.

Making His Mark
Warsop Artist Mark Pidduck will be hosting a one day exhibition and sale on Saturday 20th June at the Tudor Barn. The show will include both old and new work together with a few high quality limited edition prints.

Mark, who is well known for his commissions in oil and acrylics, has recently been concentrating on painting watercolour landscapes, many of them based on local scenes. His watercolour workshop events, where anyone can join in for a days’ painting are also proving very popular and he is gaining a big following amongst both beginners and enthusiasts who seem to appreciate his easy going and relaxed teaching style. The show will be a rare
Making His Mark

opportunity to see a wide range of Mark’s work and he will also be painting ‘live’ at the show.

“I’m really looking forward to my first solo exhibition for many years and meeting fellow art lovers”, says Mark.

The exhibition starts at 10.30am till 4.00pm Admission is £2.50 on the day which includes complimentary coffee and biscuits.

For more information please call 01623 845436 or visit www.markpidduck.com

Rockingham Races
Pupils from Sherwood Junior School and Birklands Primary School visited Rockingham Race Circuit to see how the British Touring Car Championships are held.

The schools joined together to create ‘The Press Gang’ - a mix of pupils from both schools to work with Mr Kevin Keegan, the Meden Extended Services Co-ordinator, to put together a newspaper for a competition being held to promote more interest in the sport. Jake Bonsall said, “the day was great; it was so exciting to meet a number of the great BTCC drivers. It was a fun and memorable experience.”
Rockingham Races

I t’s Electric
In partnership with the NHS, Mansfield Wheels Community Club, based at Carr Lane Park, Warsop, wish to offer local people within the Mansfield area the opportunity to experience electric mountain biking. This is a flag ship initiative, which uses the latest technology to provide a cycling experience, which can be undertaken at an individual’s chosen pace and effort.

The club intends offering an initial 10 activity sessions, starting Saturday 13th June and every Saturday until 15th August. Start time will be 2pm. A session will consist of either a 2 or 4 hour, introduction and cycle ride with two instructors. Cycle routes would consist of a mixture of road and low level off-road bridleways.

These rides are open to anyone over the age of 18 and are confident in riding a cycle. Due to limited frame sizes, you need to be at least 5ft 4in or over, to fit the cycle correctly.

Research Project on the men of Warsop who served during WW1
I am looking for information on the men of Warsop and Warsop Vale who served during World War One. My interest in the Great War goes back over 20 years and I recently started to research my wife’s family who came from the town.

This has now led to a ‘labour of love’ project which I hope to publish into a book in the near future. The Warsop memorial contains the names of 83 men who were killed. Some of these are also included on the Warsop Vale memorial. Unfortunately, many of them are recorded by initial and surname only.

I feel it is only right that they are all remembered properly for their sacrifice. I have identified over 30 other men from Warsop and Warsop Vale who were killed and are not recorded for one reason or another. Some families lost more than one member and paid an ever greater price. In addition, approximately 200 men survived the war and returned to their normal lives. A number of these men won gallantry awards. If you have any information about men who were either born or lived in the area at the time of the conflict, please get in touch. Photographs of the men would be particularly welcome which could be included in the publication.

Tim Priestley
Tel. 01623 651786 Email: tim.priestley@sky.com


Thank you to everyone who supported us with our Annual Charity Dog walk on Saturday 2nd May.

Special thanks to Mr Bob Tangy for his hard work and dedication towards the Oaklands. It was a fantastic day and every one enjoyed the walk. Watch out for further fundraising events.

Phillip Pendered-Wright - Centre Manager

Advice Guide

I have debts I can’t see any way of being able to repay since an accident which has left me unable to work. I have looked into bankruptcy but I can’t afford the fee. Is there anything else I can do?

There’s new help for people in debt that offers an alternative to bankruptcy. If your total debts are less than £15,000 and you’re on a low income, you may be able to apply for a new debt remedy called a Debt
Relief Order (DRO for short) that has just become available. You don’t say whether you rent your home or have a mortgage, but you won’t be able to apply for a DRO if you’re a homeowner or you own things of value of over £300.

A DRO usually lasts for one year and during that time none of the people you owe money to will be able to take action against you to get their money back. At the end of the year, you’ll be free of all the debts listed in the order.

To apply for a DRO, you’ll need to contact an authorised adviser, for example a Citizens Advice Bureau adviser, who checks whether you meet the conditions and then applies for the order on your behalf. The
order will cost you £90 but you can pay this in installments over six months.

For more information and advice about other possible ways of dealing with your debt problems, and for contact details of your nearest Citizens Advice Bureau, visit the Citizens Advice website adviceguide.org.uk

I’ve just found out I’m pregnant. A friend told me I might be entitled to some help towards the costs of the baby. Is this true?

If you’re having a baby, you may be able to get benefits such as Statutory Maternity Pay or Maternity Allowance. This will depend on whether you work and, if you do, how much you earn and how long you have worked for the same employer.

You can also get a new one-off grant of £190 called a Health in Pregnancy Grant to help you prepare for the birth of your baby. This will not affect your tax credits or any other benefits. Everyone gets the same
amount and you will not be asked about your income.

You can get the grant if you’re at least 25 weeks pregnant and you’ve been given health advice from a midwife or doctor. (You may not be eligible if you are subject to immigration control or you don’t usually live in the UK.)

Ask your midwife or doctor for a claim form. Your midwife or doctor must fill in their part of the form and sign it before giving it to you. You then need to get your claim form to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)
within 31 days of your midwife or doctor signing the form - otherwise you may miss out on the grant. HMRC will pay the grant directly into your bank or building society account. For more information about Health in Pregnancy Grants, go to the HMRC website at: www.hmrc.gov.uk

If you’re pregnant, you may also be entitled to free vitamins and Healthy Start vouchers to help with the cost of milk, fruit and vegetables. Whether or not you can get this help may depend on your income. For more information and for contact details of your nearest CAB go to the Citizens Advice
website adviceguide.org.uk

For more information about any of the above and contact details of your local CAB, go to the Citizens Advice website www.adviceguide.org.uk

Making Warsop Safer...

I start this column by informing the readers that the Safer Neighbourhood Team has lost a very valuable member of staff.

PCSO Karen Pride has been head-hunted to take part in a pilot scheme at The Queen Elizabeth School. Karen will be undertaking her role as a Police and Community Support Officer in the school to assist Pc Dianne Curley who is the schools liaison officer.

Karen will be a big loss to the team as her local knowledge is highly valued and she has built up a fantastic rapport with the local community. However, PCSO Matthew Cooper starts with the team this week.

With relation to current crimes the trend appears to revolve around vehicle crime. Whether it be property stolen from vehicles, vehicles stolen or damaged.

The crime prevention advice that I can offer may help reduce these occurrences happening again. When it comes to thefts from vehicles it doesn’t take a genius to realise what I am going to tell you.

- Always remove the reason that a criminal will break into your vehicle. Do not leave anything valuable on show. l Make sure your vehicle is locked and the windows are secured and fully wound shut. Look at having an alarm fitted to the vehicle.

- When the vehicle is at home can it be garaged or parked away from the roadside? A vehicle parked on a driveway is far less likely to be broken into than parked in the road.

- Are you able to fit a CCTV camera to the outside of your property which can monitor your vehicle and protect your house at the same time?

- If you have to park your vehicle on the roadside make sure it can be seen by other motorists and is parked near to artificial lighting during the hours of darkness.

- Never leave your vehicle keys on show. If you are out and about leave them in a trusty pocket (not one with a hole in it like mine) or in a secure draw/cupboard if you are relaxing at home as a large number of vehicles are stolen with the keys.

- I will also mention that as the months become warmer people tend to leave their windows and doors open to allow fresh air to flow through. This is an invitation to your local burglar to take your things. Please be vigilant and if you are going to leave your windows open remember to shut and lock them when you leave your home.

Another problem has arisen since the weather has turned for the better. Local youths have decided to use Gleadthorpe Farm Reservoir as the local lido. This is extremely dangerous as there are no lifeguards and the youths are known to be using this area to swim after consuming large amounts of alcohol. That is additional to the damage that can be caused to the lining of the reservoir. If your children are coming home wet through on a dry summers day please ask them the question why and point out the dangers of swimming in an unguarded reservoir which also contravenes the civil trespassing act.

On a lighter note, the youths that attend the fortnightly five a side game against the police are still being taught a harsh lesson in football. I am also still hopeful that I can get the Divisional Commander, Chief Superintendent Simon Nickless, to turn out for the police team. The boss was once a decent goal keeper and has had the pleasure of playing in the same side as me during our youthful years. Fingers crossed.

I finish off by thanking PCSO’s Dee Eyre, Gina Fletcher and Karen Pride for their hard work and dedication to the communities whilst Pc Booler was away. All three have worked longer hours and extra shifts in an attempt to keep anti-social behaviour incidents to a manageable level and have worked extremely hard.

Wayne Bennet - Police Constable 242
Birkland Beat Manager

Contact Details

- Mark Dennis - Neighbourhood Warden
Responsible for Market Warsop tel: 07976 405 335

- MDC Moble Warden Team Responsible for Church Warsop, Warsop Vale & Meden Vale
tel: 07791 481 678 or 01623 460 144
E-mail: neighbourhoodwardens@mansfield.gov.uk

- Dee Eyre - Police Community Support Officer 7297 The PCSO for Meden Vale
E-mail: Deanie.Eyre@Nottinghamshire.pnn.police.uk

- Karen Pride - Police Community Support Officer 9485 The PCSO for Market Warsop
E-mail: Karen.Pride@Nottinghamshire.pnn.police.uk

- Gina Fletcher - Police Community Support Officer 8123 PCSO for Warsop Vale and Church Warsop
E-mail: Georgina.Fletcher@Nottinghamshire.pnn.police.uk

- David Booler - Police Constable 2658 Church Warsop Beat Officer, tel: 07742 378 475
E-mail: david.boole@Nottinghamshire.pnn.police.uk

- Wayne Bennet - Police Constable 242 Market Warsop Beat Officer, tel: 07729 090 967
E-mail: Wayne.Bennet@Nottinghamshire.pnn.police.uk

Please remember that if you are reporting a crime you need to contact Mansfield Police Station on 01623 420999 or in the event of an emergency to ring 999.

Warsop Police Station’s telephone number is 01623 420999 ext 3270 and is staffed by Wendy Patterson,
Monday to Friday, between 10am and 2pm.

Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 is also free and anonymous to use

Meden Vale - The Future
The 44th Meeting of Meden Vale the Future was held at the Village Hall on Monday 6th April 2009 at 7.30 pm.

11 members of the Committee were present plus 1 Representative from Welbeck Football Club, 2 Representatives from Fundsport UK, 2 Representatives from NCC, 1 Representative from SureStart. There were 2 apologies.

Fundsport UK reported that following their meeting with the Mayor of Mansfield at the Civic Centre, funding for the project had been agreed. The application to the Coalfield Regeneration Trust for the project would now go before the May panel for consideration. The Chairman asked if there was a plan ‘B’, if the above application failed or was delayed. Fundsport reported that other funding avenues were available if required. Welbeck Football Club reported that they had achieved Community status, this will be helpful for funding application purposes. The siting of the children’s play area was still under consideration by Welbeck Miners’ Welfare, a speedy decision would be appreciated.

The Chairman reported that the first meeting of Welbeck Colliery the Future was held on 1st April, this was reported in detail in the last issue of Warsop News.

The Treasurer advised that a cheque for £1,400 had been received from Councillor John Allin. This money is to be used for loft insulation of the Village Hall, estimates for this work to be obtained. The paperwork for our annual running costs grant from NCC had been prepared. The committee formally agreed that this was to be processed.

The Chairman reported that the Trustees Annual Report to the Charity Commission had been prepared and submitted, copies of the report were made available to the meeting.

A 10 week Adult Learning course for cake decorating has been arranged to commence on Monday 20th April. Monies are available for additional courses if required and sufficient interest is shown.

The next Committee meeting will be held on Monday 11th May 2009 at 7.30 pm at the Village Hall. All welcome.

Please contact the Secretary, Kay Walker on 01623 844282 for further information.

Limestone Studio is busy on Monday evenings, straight after school, with young people who are receiving free tutor led fun/learning Multi Media sessions.

During these sessions the young people compose digital music, produce a CD, enjoy producing Graphics and also have free access to Internet. Creswell, Whitwell and Hodthorpe Primary school children are involved in the After School Activities and these activities will run until 3rd September 2009 thanks to a grant from Derbyshire Community Foundation. Any Youth organisation or School interested in bringing young people into the Limestone Studio for free Multi Media fun/learning should contact Julie Holling on 01909 724061. Free Transport is available to bring them to Limestone House, and return them, thanks to
a grant from Alliance SSP.

Anyone interested in Wildlife in our locality who visits the Limestone House Heritage Centre will see the records of sightings of wildlife in and around Elmton & Creswell and the surrounding area. A Wildlife Group meets monthly in Limestone House and the records of sightings will be passed on to the Derbyshire County Council biodiversity officer who will add the information to the County records, providing information about our rural environment. Anyone interested in joining the Wildlife Group should phone 01909 724061 for details of the next meeting.

There are vacancies on the Work Placements at Limestone House which started on 21st April 09 for youth age from 16 to 19 years of age. These take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9am to 5pm and a Meal Allowance is paid. Free transport is also available as above. Contact Julie Holling to join the Work Placements or if further information is required.
Hi Folks. Wasn’t that sunshine wonderful? Then MS Awareness Week began on April 27th, and what did it do - RAIN. Typical!! On Monday morning, there I was with two tables, an A-Frame MS board, two buckets and severals boxes of information and Tombola prizes - ready to take them into Kings Mill Hospital without getting wet. RIGHT!!! I got drenched!! Still Bob and I had a very important job to do, and that was to set the stage for raising awareness of this often misunderstood condition.

We know that a lot of people who live with MS encounter a great deal of ignorance about this condition, and how it affects them. Folks with MS suffer from fatigue, muscle wastage, co-ordination problems, difficulty in walking. No one person with MS is the same as another, as there are so many things that affect each sufferer. MS Awareness Week is to try to explain what this illness is, and how to cope with it. Many of our members are on duty this week at Kings Mill, showing the public what can be accomplished. Even though they live with MS, they get on with their lives in a positive, productive manner.Many thanks to them all for giving up their time to help with this event, and thanks to those of you who visited our stall and had a “go” on that Tombola, and who took the time to ask questions about MS.

The Branch has been busy since I spoke to you last. There was a Fashion Show by SOS Fashions at the Stags Community Centre. D.I.A.L. came to give members advice about cutting the cost of electricity and gas - very useful. Coming up at the Social Evenings - Woodhouse Baronaires Jazz Band, Garland Dancers from Chesterfield and a speaker from Trading Standards to name just a few. On May 12th, it is our A.G.M., followed by a Cake Bake to raise funds for our members’ needs.

Collections have been arranged at Tesco, Chesterfield Road on June 5th and 6th, and at Sainsburys on July 16th and 17th. As I have said before, all the money raised from your kind donations go to help our members. Your money is used in part for grants to help with the cost of equipment to make their lives better, and so much easier.

Finally, a sincere “thank-you” to The Derbyshire Hotel, who raised a staggering £880 for our Branch. We were their Charity of the Year for 2008, and the staff did a variety of activities, such as sponsored walks, cake bakes and auctions to raise this money. A brilliant result!!!

Please remember we are at the end of a phone if you need help and advice - 0800 5420901. Those Social Evenings are on the second Tuesday of each month and we’d love to see you there.

It is time to close now, and get ready for tomorrow’s work. Talk to you again soon.

Lynne Willetts
The Warsop and District ‘Comfort Box’ or ‘Morale Box’ campaign is well underway, with the profits from the Welbeck Estates Band Concert funding our first 40 boxes which were shipped last month to Afghanistan for Nottinghamshire troops serving in 2nd Mercian Regiment.

We have been promised funds from various community groups and have received a very generous donation of £250 from the Warsop Rotary Club which has funded another 50 boxes.

I am very pleased to report that as a result of last months’ article in the W&DN, the parents of three Warsop Soldiers have been in touch and each has been sent a box, to show the local support for the work they are doing.

We still want further details of local soldiers serving in any of the armed services currently deployed in Afghanistan.

At our last meeting we had pie & peas following an interesting talk on Afghanistan by Col. David Sneath.

Our next meeting will be on June the 8th when we visit Mansfield Bellamy Branch for their meeting. All are welcome to attend.

Pete Hopkins – Branch Secretary Tel: 01623 843944 Email: rblwarsop@hopkins-uk.co.uk
Web: www.rblwarsop.co.uk
Nano Nagle Commemoration
On Sunday 26th April at St Teresa’s RC Church, Warsop, the 225th anniversary of the death of the founder of the Presentation Sisters, Nano Nagle was commemorated.

At Morning Mass celebrated by Father John Odeyemi, Sister Susan gave a talk about Nano Neagle, the Sisters then renewed their vows, the Associates renewed their promises and members of the congregation renewed their baptismal vows. Children made lanterns, representing a country that the Presentation Sisters live in. There are currently over 3000 Presentation Sisters all over the world.

Later an illustrated talk was given in the church hall by, Sister Anne Marie and Sister Susan, the two Warsop Presentation Sisters, together with the Associates, Ann-Marie Pearson, Lynn Goff, David Mc Cann, Peter Davies and Terry Topliss.

Peter Davies and Terry Topliss recalled when they took a group of Presentation Sisters down Warsop Colliery and how they had put a cross on the Pit roof directly above St Josephs Church Shirebrook. Refreshments were served by Eileen Davies and Ann Bergen.

Sister Ann Marie joined the order over 50 years ago at Cressbrook Hall in Derbyshire and later taught in private and state catholic schools. She has also lived in parishes in Scunthorpe, Surrey, Market Harborough, Shirebrook and in Warsop where she is one of the resident sisters.

Sister Susan trained in Ireland before living in Matlock, Scunthorpe, London, Bicester and Redditch and has lived at the Warsop for the past 6 months.
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